The Angels are the synchronised swimming group of Out to Swim, an LGBT Masters Aquatics Club based in London and Brighton. Our aim is to provide coached synchro to men and women, for those who want to take part in the sport for general fitness or to train for competition. Out to Swim is the first swimming club in the UK to offer the sport to both men and women.

We are a team of 20 male and female swimmers of various ages and abilities. We have competed in the UK and internationally and won various medals, including gold at the Gay Games in Cologne. Out to Swim was the first club to field a mixed duet at the ASA Masters competition in the UK.

Synchro challenge 2017

We are seeking 20-30 men to take on the challenge of learning synchronised swimming over 6 months, culminating in a display at the London Aquatics Centre, home to the London Olympics. This pioneering course is support by the Amateur Swimming Association. More info here.

Training Sessions

We train continuously throughout the year to improve our individual skills, and to prepare for competitions. We hold coached training sessions 5.30pm to 7pm every Sunday at the Queen Mother Leisure Centre, 223 Vauxhall Bridge, Pimlico, London SW1V 1EL. We plan to add a Monday evening session later in 2017.

What is synchronised swimming?

Synchro combines swimming, dance and gymnastics in a synchronised routine performed in deep water to musical accompaniment. The sport develops advanced water skills, including strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and precise timing, as well as breath control for the underwater segments.

The sport has several competitive formats: solo, duo, trio and team routines for male, female and mixed teams. A team consists of between 4 and 10 swimmers. The most rewarding aspect of synchro is practising as a team and learning routines.

Is it for me?

Our swimmers have a wide range of ability. The basic requirement is that you are a competent swimmer of front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.
If you need help improving these strokes before starting synchro, then Out to Swim provides swimming lessons.

It helps to have good flexibility, coordination, core strength, body awareness and a sense of rhythm. So, experience in dance, ballet, gymnastics or aerobics is a bonus, but by no means essential.

Join Us

Try out with us

Beginners are welcome to try out with us. The first session is free. Please complete the trial form to provide us with your details in advance of your visit.

Join us

Out to Swim membership gives you access to synchronised swimming as well as swimming, open water and water polo. See Join Us! for details of membership options and to sign up.


Swimming With Men – Official Teaser Trailer

it’s finally here – the official teaser for Swimming With Men featuring OTS Angels Chris Jepson and Ronan Daly… Title: SWIMMING WITH MEN Director: Oliver Parker // Written by: Aschlin Ditta Cast: Rob Brydon, Adeel Akhtar, Daniel Mays, Jim Carter, Rupert Graves, Thomas Turgoose, Charlotte Riley, Jane Horrocks, Nathaniel Parker, Chris Jepson, Ronan Daly Running Time: …

FREE Taster Session

Out To Swim, London’s largest Masters swimming club, are running a free synchronised swimming taster session for men and women. The session is part of the Synchro Challenge – an initiative to bring men into the sport. Recently approved for men at national and international level, synchro combines swimming, dance, gymnastics and athleticism in a …


You can view the full Out To Swim website here, or contact the synchro rep by email here.